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Preparing workers

Study Tour to the World Museum of Mining in Butte. 
Libby Adventist Christian School's
curriculum includes science, mathematics, language arts,
social studies, physical education, technology, and fine
arts(art and music).Students in grades 1-8 can build a
strong foundation in the courses of study that will prepare
them for their secondary classwork. In a small school
classroom where the dynamics are much like a family,
peer tutoring is one of its strengths.

Libby Adventist Christian School
recognizes that knowledge without knowing God is destined to
unfulfilled hopes.That is why each day begins with worship and
a Bible class. Throughout the day, the principles of God's Word
permeate the entire curriculum as students learn the relevance
of faith in God. Daily interacting with one another provides
opportunities for learning how to apply God's wisdom.
 Preparing citizens

A quiet moment in the snow.

Preparing leaders

Upper-Grade class trip to Lewis & Clark Caverns
 Libby Adventist Christian School
believes in giving a variety of experiences to its students
knowing they have been given talents 
by their Creator.
As they explore these 
facets of their personalities, we 
hope to see them continue the development of their skills
to the glory of God.

Libby Adventist Christian School
is accredited by
the North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
the National Council for Private Schools Accreditation.


A trip to Lake Koocanusa Dam 

Tuition/Entrance Fees
Tuition Yearly Monthly
Grades 1-4 $2100 $210*
Grades 5-8 $2,250 $225*
Grades 1-8
5% discount on entrance fee if paid before July 15.
5% discount on tuition when paid for the year by September 10.
*based on 10 months
We adhere to an open registration policy.  If interested please feel free to contact us.

Libby Adventist Christian School has been established by the
Seventh-day Adventist Church of Libby, Montana, to provide a
Christ-centered curriculum
that will promote the mental, spiritual, and social development of its students. It is the belief of our school that effective learning can best take place through the combined efforts of the home, the church and the school. It is the goal of the school to supply an atmosphere favorable to both academic learning and development of a Christian character.
For more information:
Libby Adventist Christian School
206 Airfield Rd.
Libby, MT   59923
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